Apartment Maintenance Tips


  • Wipe the doors with a dry cloth daily to keep them clean.
  • Lubricate the hinges once in 15 days for smooth closing of doors.
  • Use the door stopper when the door is open to avoid banging.
  • The frames and shutters are subject to expansion and contraction during the monsoons.
  • Please take the assistance of a carpenter to fix the doors properly.


  • Max hinges are fixed in the windows to allow operation at various levels of opening.
  • The hinges need to be lubricated every 15 days for smooth closing.
  • Use light coloured fabrics for curtains to ensure better lighting.
  • Wipe the grills and glass with a wet cloth daily to keep it clean
  • Gaps in windows can be fixed with sealant.
  • In case of breakage of glass in windows, take the assistance of an experienced carpenter to fix the same.
  • Replace hinges whenever it’s out of order to avoid banging.


  • Daily sweeping and mopping with soap water ensure clean flooring.
  • Skirting should also be cleaned with soap water.
  • Avoid acid wash often as it might take away the shine.
  • Cement pasting in between the tiles can be redone if eroded.
  • Do not drag objects on the floor to avoid scratching.
  • Ensure caution while carrying heavy articles to avoid breakage of tiles.
  • Though single tiles can be replaced, there could be a colour variation.
  • Please clean spilling on the floor immediately to ensure the safety of the inmates.


  • Please ensure that bathrooms are maintained dry for the safety of elders & children.
  • Ensure the tiles are cleaned with soap water to keep them dry.
  • Avoid regular acid wash as it might erode the cement pasting in between the tiles.
  • Clean the CP fittings with soap water to retain the shine.
  • Avoid usage of acid for cleaning the bathrooms to protect the shine of CP fittings.
  • Ensure that the closets and wash basins are kept clean for hygienic reasons.
  • Any branded toilet cleaner can be used to clean closets & wash basins.
  • Periodic cleaning of the tap openings ensures a free flow of water from taps/health Faucets /shower rose.
  • Ensure the grating is fixed to avoid blockages in pipelines.
  • Do not flush plastic disposables (personal hygiene items) in closets to avoid unnecessary blocks.
  • Do not operate electrical points with wet hands.
  • Fix leakages in taps & flush tanks immediately to avoid wastage of water.


  • Always ensure that branded household articles are used to avoid unnecessary short circuits.
  • Clean the fans and light fittings periodically for optimum efficiency and life.
  • Provision of ELCB is suggested for additional care.
  • Please avoid operating switches with wet hands.
  • Always take the help of an experienced electrician to fix electrical issues.
  • Operate electrical gadgets in the prescribed manner to avoid damages.
  • Please save electricity by switching off unnecessary lights, fans, and gadgets.
  • Prevent the usage of electrical gadgets by children.
  • Avoid usage of heavy electrical items during thunder. (Microwave, geyser, TV, griller, Air Conditioners, Grinders etc)
  • Clean the switches periodically with a wet cloth to retain elegance.

Interior Tips

  • Periodical cleaning of the woodwork ensures the durability of the interiors.
  • Smooth handling of the wardrobes, drawers, cupboards, handles etc, shall ensure longer life of the same.
  • Melamine finish can be dusted every day to maintain its elegance.
  • The laminate finish can be dusted and wiped with a wet cloth to keep it stain free.
  • Periodical lubrication of the hinges ensures smooth functioning of the cupboards.
  • Replace handles & locks if broken to maintain aesthetics and smooth functioning.
  • To ensure proper closing of the wardrobes, please ensure all the tower bolts in the shutters are locked properly.
  • Re-painting the house once in three years will add a new look to the house.
  • Use pest control measures to ensure the long durability of the woodwork.
  • Overloading the wardrobes may result in an improper closing of the shutters.

General Tips for Apartment

  • Maintain a first aid box at home.
  • A cease-fire can come handy during an emergency.
  • Keep the windows open while cooking.
  • Close cylinder regulator when not in use.
  • During non-occupation of the house for a long duration, ensure that the Main is switched off & all taps closed to avoid damages. Stop-cock to be kept closed during non-supply of water.
  • Children should be accompanied by an adult in the balcony area for their safety. All balconies are to be closed when children are alone at home.
  • Crackers are not to be used in the balconies in the interest of other occupants.
  • Please do not throw garbage from apartments in the OTS area or common areas to ensure clean & harmonious living.
  • Use pulley type cloth dryers to ensure aesthetics of the building.
  • Save electricity and water in common areas. Prevent unnecessary wastage.
  • Proper maintenance of the house shall have a direct impact on the appreciation of your asset.
  • Ensure EB charges and all taxes are paid regularly before the due date.
  • Documents of the house are to be kept under safe custody.

General Tips for Common Area

  • Please do not allow children to operate & use the lift without adult supervision.
  • Please do not allow the children to use the terrace without an adult company.
  • Ensure that lift doors are kept closed all the times.
  • Park car & two-wheelers in the earmarked slots to avoid inconvenience to other occupants.
  • Driveways are not to be used as the parking area.
  • Adult supervision essential when children use the play equipment etc.
  • Ensure unnecessary entry to the STPL, transformers, motor rooms, sumps, EB main board, Genset equipment, etc.
  • Please use the garbage bins to keep the common areas clean.
  • Adhere to speed limits for vehicles. Speed Limits is restricted to 20 km. After entry into the complex to ensure the safety of other occupants.
  • Ensure a green environment plant more trees and plants.
  • Avoid usage of plastics to protect the environment.
  • Do not use parking slots to store household items.
  • Parking slots are to be kept clean by cleaning leakages of lubricants etc.
  • Ensure all the vehicles are kept locked to avoid theft.
  • Extending your co-operation in all matters of the complex ensures a happy, enjoyable, peaceful and a harmonious community living.