3 reasons why we should buy a property now!

3 reasons why we should buy a property now! (In the times of COVID)

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything: the way we live, the way we eat, the way we drink, the way we work and sleep and dress and talk! We call it the new normal, and the million-dollar question is – Are we ready for the new normal? When, where, what, and how should we ready ourselves?

Whatever we do, it all starts in our homes!

So, the need for a house property has become the first on our list: Not any property, but a good property that is safe, secure, and cozy. And here are 3 reasons why it is best to buy a house property during the times of COVID:

1. Home will be the safest place for the next five years!

“East or West, home is the best,” we say, but today, our homes have become the best in all directions – east or west or north or south: Work from Home (WFH) and Learn from Home (LFH) is making us spend the whole day in our homes. 3BHK is the need of the hour even for a family with a single kid. Home Quarantine is possible for many families because of that one extra bedroom. Think about a house property that is not cramped, not damp, not dark, a property that is cozy and spacious and comfortable to live, work and learn: your safe life will begin there!

Life at home around the world during the COVID Pandemic Ref:-

2. Opportunity amidst adversity!

How would we all feel if we start thinking of something new and good and happy in our lives? Instead of the doom and gloom of corona infections and coughings and counting numbers? Psychiatrists advise us to keep ourselves away from all that depressing news and start thinking positive thoughts. Never should you forget being careful, wearing masks, and washing hands, but stop worrying about the adversity; start wondering about the opportunities!

The interest rates have gone down for housing loans! Property developers are keen on running their business at any cost! Buying a property in Prime locations outside the city limit looks great with WFH and LFH! – This is a great opportunity to stop being a tenant of a rented property and start owning one!

3. Avoid the rush and choose the best!

Early birds catch the biggest bees! Experts say that there will definitely be a mad rush for owning house property once the pandemic comes to an end. Right now, everything looks confusing, but one thing is sure: it will end sooner or later, and when it ends, there will always be a rush. Didn’t we see it after the first wave? How people rushed into the outside world, and when that happens, we should not be caught in that crowd. We are prudent and we should decide with that foresight.

Finally, we should understand one thing: there can be million reasons for buying a house, and still billion reasons not to buy one, but no one can reject the fact that buying a house is a happy-happy event,and it is time for us to bring some happiness into all our lives, right now, don’t you think?

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