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Welcome to Joint Venture with JKB

We welcome the landowners to do a joint venture with us where we assure them with benefits, security & Satisfaction.
One of our secrets to get a closer relationship with the customer is joint venture; we have undergone many joint venture projects with landowners in Chennai, where our returns were highly exceeded the expectations of our partners by our reputation in the market for our high quality and on-time delivery.
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Joint Venture Partnerships

We have successfully completed several projects with joint venture partnerships with landowners and has planned quite a few residential projects in Chennai. A joint venture agreement with JKB housing would eliminate all hassles that come with this sort of an arrangement and landowners can look forward to getting higher returns.

Landowner's Benefits in Joint Venture with Us

  • Transparent dealings
  • Higher return on investment
  • Flat / Profit Sharing
  • Guaranteed Sales
  • On time delivery

Joint Venture Partnering with Landowners

Joint venture property development is growing popular. For a landowner, developing a property with a joint venture agreement yields more profit instead of just selling the block of land directly to a property developer. Most property developers and landowners are used to sourcing funds for construction projects by means of traditional methods which typically involves raising capital either selling some part of the land or taking loan from a bank or a combination of both.

The key advantage for the landowner to enter into an agreement of joint venture with JKB is the chance to unlock the equity potential in their land with the added benefit of dealing with a credible builder who has a clear vested interest in delivering homes that prospective buyers are keen about.

The Best Joint Venture Builder & Property Developer in Chennai

At JKB Housing, we strongly believe that a successful property development requires collaborative relationships with partners, clear and open communication, and a crystal-clear understanding of all our partners’ objectives and drivers. To that end, we are always looking to explore successful joint venture opportunities, whether it be with property owners, funding partners, or debt providers.

We seek to add real value in each and every step of the development process, thus ensuring all our partners are fully informed of the progress being made, irrespective of their role. We strongly believe that this approach is instrumental to the successful completion of several developments, and to ensure all our partner’s objectives and goals are met if not exceeded.

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