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As a Builder we are taking the initiative to Harvest the Rain Water.


Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) systems are built on simple methods and the maintenance of these rain water systems does not require much time and energy.

The best practice of rainwater harvesting solutions offers ultimate value to any community. The collection and storage of rain water makes for a better and efficient utilisation of an energy resource. The rainwater harvesting systems used for the collection of water are based on simple techniques that are very easy to maintain and “SAVE WATER“. 

The general of costs of setting up harvesting methods are a lot cheaper than other purifying or pumping. Also, it is easily maintainable and cost-effective as it does not require a lot of spending funds.

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Rainwater Harvesting Solutions

Two Main Methods of Rainwater Harvesting

#1 : Method

storage of rainwater on surface for future use

#2 : Method

Recharge to Groundwater

Our Rain Water Harvesting Service Includes

Rainwater Harvesting Service in Chennai
  • We are studying in-depth the rainwater harvesting requirements
  • A permanent rainwater harvesting solutions based on ground realities and existing infrastructure
  • Our Team is providing Instruction / Training about on RWH techniques & methods.
  • Free Site Inspections for Rainwater Harvesting
  • Supervision & implementation of RWH Service to Customer as per their requirement

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