I would like to share my personal experience with JKB Housing. It was 2009 somewhere around June or July … Don’t remember. I was in search of a rented accommodation around Madanandapuram area. During the search process, I casually noted 1 BHK available for 12 lakhs from jkb housing. It gave me the energy to buy a property instead of taking a rented flat. I had loan eligibility as well. Since I also work for the realty industry, I decided to buy it.

I met Mr. Kothandan sir to visit the upcoming flat of 1 BHK and also saw recently completed flats. I got fully convinced with their floor plan design and bought that 1 BHK flat and did house warming in Sep 2009.

It was the best decision I made in my life to date. I really appreciate and honor the courtesy, the JKB Team extended me that time. Even now, they maintain the same love and affection with all of their customers including me. Needless to say, the JKB team deserved a very sensitive place in my heart forever.

If God decides, I am planning to buy a small portion of land in Chennai and get it developed by our JKB team. Mr. Balaji The owner of JKB Housing is a very great personality and I still want to learn a lot more of his characteristics. He is highly professional and customer-oriented person.

I admire you Mr. Balaji sir

Mr. Karthikeyan G R S

JKB Residential Apartment