We got our first home through JKB during 2010.

True to me heart, no regrets so far, and these guys are highly dependable, genuine and very cogenial
Lots of sentiments and loads of cherished moments attached to this house, right form my Dad and moms’ wish of having a decent separate room. My dad enjoyed every bit of his room. speaking about his room to his friends, saw him as the happiest person during the housewarming ceremony.
lots of similar moments to be cherished with this home …

Courteous staff, yearly calendar, occasional boomi pooja invites, Diwali wishes and many more small small gestures like this, make them to be memorable and dependable… Keep doing and Best ever for all of you is yet to come… God Bless.

Mr Mahesh Kumar & Family

Sri Arthi G1

VGN Blooming Garden, Mugalivakkam