M/s JKB Housing Ltd volunteered to provide Rain water Harvesting system at our complex comprising a total of 20 numbers of flats.

Volunteering in the sense, as a means of their Corporate Social Responsibility, Ms. JKB
Housing encouraged us to implement the system by way of offering to provide labour free of cost and only the material part to our cost. This of course subject to their annual budget schemes

In works like plumbing, painting, carpentry the cost of labour component equals and sometimes more than the cost of materials.

This offer was a big relief for us to implement the RWH system.

During the course of. execution of this work, at every stage of activity, the engineers, workers be it skilled or unskilled displayed an exemplary organisational work culture.

Being a civil Engr myself with experience of having interacted with big construction organisations, it was pleasant to observe , an upcoming company inculcating, displaying appreciable organisational work ethics, professional culture, The likes of this one can expect only from star hotels, Hifi restaurants, resorts premium car show rooms, jewellery stores.

Yes, being a retired Engr from PSU – BHEL – having worked with India’s leading construction companies at power plants, can measure the services of M/s JKB as excellent. it’s noteworthy to mention Mr. Dhinesh Kumar, a senior project Manager organising, planning sourcing various materials from afar and deploying optimum but skilled plumber for connecting and routing the system both overhead and below ground. The masons calmly took over from there and finished the job, to our plan, It was pleasing and sometimes surprising, engineers constantly monitoring attaching importance they would show on any big work.

The field Engr, young Mr. Nethaji seems to have adapted and too willing to absorb and wear colourful culture of M/s JKB Housing.

In addition to these Engrs, could see other engrs too visiting, discussing, sharing their expertise for the work in progress.

Excellent team spirit.

And none of these engrs ever hesitate to offer their hand to workers whenever they were in need. Quite enjoyable comraderie.

I wish to meet the Managing Director / Ms. JKB soon, to convey our thanks, appreciate the way the professional culture underlining customer satisfaction at the foremost, ensuring quality, trusted services are being embedded in this company.

Congrats, best wishes and thanks to M/s JKB Housing. Thanks, Mr. Dhinesh Kumar, Nethaji, the initial marketing / estimating Engr and other fields Engrs who contributed to our cause.

I will certainly consider myself and seriously suggest, their housing projects when we look for our housing needs.

Mr. Mathanagopal Nagarajan

JKB Care (Maintenance Services)